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Defender is a covert primary radio screening device for detection of concealed weapons at key access points in restricted buildings and facilities. Defender is an easily concealed, cost-effective and non-invasive full body scanning technology that is proven, practical and safe.


Covert installations

Images of the target NOT generated

No privacy concerns

No subject compliance required

Lower cost than systems used today

Low cost allows for multiple units

Weapon profiles updated network-wide regularly

Real-time and entirely computer-based

Human operators NOT required

Early detection

Reduces inspection team

Buys first responders critical intervention time

System “learns” and continuously perfects its detection ability

Frequencies are aligned with international regulations for safe use


Defender is the world’s most advanced technology for covert screening and detection of concealed weapons. Defender identifies threats by comparison of known weapon profiles, and by detection of concealed irregular object mass. Unlike the units in use currently, Defender is far less expensive, easily concealed, and utilizes a single scan for detection.


Defender screens individuals in real time as they pass though the Defender detection field at key access point. Installation can be covert or overt, and from multiple directions. The system eliminates institutional metal detector style look and feel. Defender have the ability to “learn” and adapt to new threats as “signature” patterns are identified.


Defender offers performance accuracy which significantly reduces personnel needs required for bag checks and secondary screening as security is primarily deployed against identified threats only. Defender provides guidelines to increase first responder reaction times through immediate action integrated directly to their mobile phones. Users manage activities from a desktop computer and mobile application.


WaveDefender developed the world’s first concealed radio detection weapons detection system to combat active shooter threats before they occur. Owner / operators of private / public facilities can now prominently post anti-weapons policies with compliance assured. WaveDefender motto, handle the threat before it can act is based on the belief that widespread use of Defenders will act as an effective way to diminish the growing epidemic of active shooters across the nation. 

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